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Club Newsletter January 2003
Message from the Editor:
I am honoured to have received the award for this newsletter, during the club s Christmas social evening at the Gala club. However, I do think some of the accolade should have been attributed to Dave (Coates), who has religiously copied all the colour pages for your enjoyment, and to Tony (Middleton) who edited and produced the issue for October, whilst I was away on holiday. There is a full report of the social meeting later in this edition.

Due to the holiday season, this edition has been reduced in size to enable it to be sent out on time, also I am running out of input from you, so get your pens to paper, cameras clicking and send the results in to me.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and may I wish each and everyone a happy new year.

Model Boat festival 2003 update: Tony Middleton
Just as we were going to print, Tony (Middleton) received verbal confirmation that the Docks Trading Company had granted us permission to use the car parking area/sheds in front of the Waterways museum for our 2003 show. Tony will now begin
preparing the risk assessment forms and Brian (Chapman) and Pete (Dickinson) will be able to approach the traders and clubs, inviting them to the 2003 show, early in the new year.

Subs night Meet and Greet: Pete Dickinson.
On the 16 th of January we are holding our first "Meet and Greet of 2003. Traditionally we also use this meeting to collect the member subscriptions that become due at the beginning of the year. Bob (Hinton) will be there, eye shade and fingerless gloves on, to take your money.

Please read the information contained in Bob's letter relating to late payments. The club cannot afford to chase members to get payments, and the committee has decided that those that haven t paid up by the end of January are deemed to have
voluntarily ceased membership. This means that, if they wish to rejoin the club, they will be asked to pay the 5 joining fee.

Social Scene: Pete Dickinson.
The annual Christmas Social Evening at the Gala club was fully supported this year with some 46 members/partners/friends attending. The evening kicked off with a friendly contest between the two skittle alleys playing a three round game, before
we broke for an excellent sit down meal, well washed down with a surfeit of wine.
After everyone had eaten their fill, we returned to the skittle alley for the annual award ceremony, ably hosted by Ted Tedaldi, the presentations being made by Roy Yearby's wife xxx who received a bouquet of flowers for her unstinting culinary support
of our boiler testers during the testing days.

The first award was the Staverton Trophy, for the winner of the steering contest held at Mallards Pike at the end of August. This went to John Schofield.

The next award was the Titannic cup, for the most spectacular sinking during the year. There were three contenders for this award, Charlie Langford, John Rhodes and Richard Skinner, but the close decision finally went to Richard following his
spectacular sinking of Dave Coates borrowed jet ski during the Eastnor Castle weekend.

Finally, the Dave Smith Memorial Trophy was awarded to Pete Dickinson for editing the newsletter since the AGM last year.

The evening was rounded off with two games of "killer . Neil Walker won the game in alley one but donated his prize money to the club s charity fund, and the alley two game was won by Sylvia Oakey, despite Stan Robinson s incredible display of
exotic bowling! something that had to be seen to be believed!
Editor: Pete Dickinson E-mail:

For next issue contributions, please contact me before the last Sunday in each month.
(The editor reserves the right to pr cis contributions to fit available space)
Grand opening at Over: Pete Dickinson.
Ted (Tedaldi) Dave (Coates) and I attended the opening ceremony of the brand new lock keepers cottage at Over earlier this month. This building has been donated by the builders of the estate that surrounds the canal and is intended to be a centre for
the Gloucester and Hereford canal Trust. There will be a restaurant, kitchens and display area on the ground floor. Upstairs is a caretakers flat and first class accommodation in four units. As a club we will have the opportunity to have a notice board in the display area and may, eventually, be able to put on small exhibitions here as well.

As was agreed, the building was handed over to the Trust unfinished. Dave Penny, the power behind the charity, formally accepted the keys from the director of the building firm. Now the Trust are gathering details of volunteers who are prepared to give their time, under supervision of the experts, for fitting out the place with plumbing and electrics. Dave (Coates) is our contact with the Trust, and Brian (Chapman) has donated a complete alarm system from his company. If you have any time to offer during the Spring, please let Dave know, so that he can work out some kind of availability. (Photos courtesy of H&GCT)
Subscriptions and AGM for 2003
Please remember that subscriptions for your membership for next year are now due.
As the Club continues to expand its numbers (now up to 115) the committee has agreed to retain the membership fees at the same level as for last year.

These are:
Full Members 15.00                          Retired Members 10.00
Junior Members (under16) 8.00      Associate Family Members 8.00

You are very welcome to pay your fees at our "Subscriptions Evening" on Thursday 16 th January at the Gala Club, Fairmile Gardens, Gloucester starting at 7.30pm. This will be an informal drink, chat and social evening for all those who wish to attend.

All subscriptions for 2003 must be received by 31 st January 2003 or you will be required to pay a late rejoining fee of 5.00. Every year I spend many hours chasing people for their fees, now that we have so many members it would be much appreciated if all members could pay promptly.

The Club's AGM will be held at the Gala Club (as above) on Thursday 13 th February at 7.30pm. All paid-up members are very welcome to attend when we review the Club s progress in 2002, elect new officers for 2003 and
start discussing our programme.

Any member who wishes to join the committee or be considered for one of the
officers posts, especially that of the Secretary which is being vacated by Paul Hunt, will be especially welcome.
We need as much help and assistance in organising the Club as possible. Please contact the Chairman, Ted Tedaldi, as soon as you can if you are interested.

With best wishes and happy modelling for Christmas and the New Year
Bob Hinton (Treasurer)

For the frozen regulars, who invariably attend the Monday meetings, a comforting reminder of warmer times at Over.
The new lock keepers cottage at the Gloucester end of the Hereford and Gloucester canal.
Late News!

Boxing day morning sail-in:
Brian Chapman.
The weather to begin with was pretty foul ,with high winds and heavy rain, but by 10 a.m. it settled down and reasonable sailing could continue.

About a dozen stalwarts attended and it was very nice to meet two new members for the first time. Big Jim (Watts) "Christened" his new pilot cutter, a very well crafted model, which sailed perfectly from square one. That does make a change, does it not, Jim?.

Pete (Haines) Barbie and Ken outfit shivered their way round for an hour or more, amusing the spectators with their waving. The yachties enjoyed reasonable sailing with variable winds, but by 11.30 the winds dropped and becalmed them.
Unfortunately the cafe was closed so the after sailing coffee session was a non starter.

Generally a pleasant morning and thanks to all who turned up despite the early doubtful weather.

Missed newsletters: The Editor.
It appears that some members, who receive their monthly newsletter by "snail mail , may have been inadvertently missed from some issues. This occurred when we originally tried to save address labels by removing those members who receive their
newsletters by e-mail from the address list. This was only discovered very recently and has now been rectified.

If any member knows they have missed an edition, please let me know and I will send them the missing copies. In the next edition there will be a short breakdown, prior to the AGM, of the significant cost of producing this newsletter. This item will be discussed at the AGM so, if you would like to make your feelings know to the club please come along.
The official opening with Dave Penny on the right